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Glite is a leading distributor of electronic components specializing in the Russian and Middle Eastern markets, backed by nearly two decades of expertise in supply chain solutions. With an extensive portfolio featuring renowned brands like TI, ADI, INFINEON, MICROCHIP, NXP, INTEL/ALTERA, XILINX, MICRON, BROADCOM, alongside a diverse selection of alternative brands, Glite caters to a wide spectrum of industries. Glite's parent company is located in Shenzhen, China, with five offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. With over 150 employees, the company serves more than 3000 clients, covering various industries including industrial, automotive, medical, communication, consumer electronics, and aerospace. In today's intricate supply chain landscape, Glite distinguishes itself by leveraging its parent company's extensive supplier network, rigorous quality control measures, and diversified alternative options. This enables Glite to provide rapid, cost-effective, and reliable supply chain services to its clients in Russia and the Middle East, offering the most comprehensive range of products and the highest cost-performance ratio in chip spot services.